As the moon, and ALL life forms- we go through phases.

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A woman’s moon cycle is the death and rebirth of her many worlds. A cleansing of all she recently endured; emotionally, spiritually, and physically. A release of energy from all she came in contact with; those she loved, nurtured, healed and even the dark energy of her recent lessons. It is a time for total cleansing.
The blood that falls from a woman’s universal portal is not gross, no. In fact it is the very blood that would have built the human she’d be creating inside of her had it been her time to create.
Women, your moon cycle is a beautiful and powerful time for you. It is your body literally shedding and becoming new again. It’s a start over. A new chapter. Rather than giving that energy/excess to a baby to develop and be born, it is instead a rebirth for yourself. And lucky us, we get to experience this rebirth monthly!
It is also no secret that women are emotionally heightened at this time too. Feeling sad? Tired? Drained? It is also a cleanse of emotions. Allow yourself to feel, and don’t judge yourself for it. Your hormones are rebalancing themselves, and sometimes our underlying feelings are expressed more dramatically without us initiating them too. That’s ok. Release, let go, and move on🍃
Take time during your moon cycle to relax, replenish and refresh yourself; emotionally, physically and spiritually. Understand what it is you are going through, and appreciate it. Your moon cycle is the perfect time to become connected with yourself. After all, birth and rebirth are the most powerful and spiritually stimulating events we experience as humans, so listen to what your body and mind is telling you.
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~Keep up with my Earth Adventures~

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